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Formulae benè placitandi : a book of entries : containing variety of choice precedents, of counts, declarations, informations, pleas in barre and in abatement, continuances, replications, rejoynders, issues, verdicts, judgments after verdict, utlaries, recoveries, & avowries : and divers other pleadings in reall, personall and mixt actions ; of generall use to the students, clerks and practicers of the courts of Kings Bench, and Common Pleas at Westminster : which also may be applyed to the practice of all the inferiour courts of the common law of England. Collected from the manuscripts, aswell of some of the learned prothonotaries of the Court of Common Pleas, as of divers eminent practicers in the Court of Kings Bench. Methodically digested under apt titles with an exact table

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